Alliance for a Better District 6

Civic Engagement  

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As co-producers worked with Avery and Haley of Mission Films to help create the documentary Mi Casa No Es Su Casa.  MI CASA NO ES SU CASA tells the story of a rapidly evolving neighborhood: San Francisco’s Mission District. Stripping down the word “gentrification” to its literal and interpreted meanings, this film addresses the multifaceted perspectives of the issue. Through interviews with long time residents, politicians, professors and community activists. Mi Casa No Es Su Casa gives us a snapshot into this vibrant neighborhood and the complicated politics of its newfound popularity.

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Alliance for a Better District 6 recognizes Captain Gary Jimenez, Tenderloin Police Commander for implementing increase foot patrols in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco. Grateful residents, merchants, and property owners acknowledge the positive impact of foot patrols. 9-26-07